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A pile of pads for sale!

Hi, everyone! Thank you all for enthusiasm for my pads! It means alot to me. I am offering my latest work to give you all a chance at them before I put them on ebay. These are all available while supplies last. AIO Pads are available individually ($4.00), Insert-Style are only available as a set ($7.00). 

Please let me know which item(s) you want, and if you want a shipping quote. I will need an email addy to send you a Paypal invoice. 

NOTICE: This sale is over.  Thanks to all who participated!  All remaining items have been removed and listed on ebay.  Please check out my ebay listings at tamarackgal!  Thanks again, everybody!


NOTICE: The Yellow Bug/Butterfly fabric is Cotton Pique. Pique is a basket-weave, which provides a looser, slightly open-weave fabric, that is somewhat heavier than flannel, yet very absorbent. Where pique is used, flannel is on the reverse, to provide grip to underwear/liners. 

Each All-In-One Pad is 10" long by 7 1/4" wide (3 1/4" wide when snapped) 
Soaker top: 7 layers of 100% cotton flannel for maximum absorbency, layer of lightweight nylon, to provide moisture resistance while maintaining breathability 
Soft, matching 100% cotton flannel bottom 
Durable metal snaps 
$4.00 --plus actual shipping cost. 

Each Insert-Style Set includes ONE 10" long by 7" wide liner (3" wide, snapped). 
Liner is two layers of 100% cotton flannel with a layer of lightweight nylon between, to provide moisture resistance while maintaining breathability. 
Sewn-in  bands hold up to 3 absorbant pads. 
Durable metal snaps. 
THREE reversible absorbent pads 10" long by 3 1/4" wide Pads consist of 6 layers of 100% cotton flannel for maximum absorbency. 
Serged edges for durability 
Each set $7.00 --plus actual shipping cost 


Removed to Ebay:
Froggy Band Set, 

Primping Pooches Set 
Pink/Rose/Floral Monkeys Set,  
PInk Floral Monkeys Set
Yellow Circles Set 

Flamingo AIO  (Removed to Ebay)
Pink Dots AIO (Removed to Ebay)
Leopard AIO  (Removed to Ebay)

Floral Monkey AIO  (Removed to Ebay)
Bright Rose/Circles AIO  (Removed to Ebay)
IceCream AIO (Removed to Ebay)
Bug/Butterfly AIO (Removed to Ebay)
Hats Set (SOLD)
Girl Stuff/Black Set (SOLD)
Groovy Circles Set
Bug/Butterfly Coral Set (Removed to Ebay)
Bug/Butterfly Aqua Set, (SOLD)
Soccer Set (Removed to Ebay)

Also, if anyone has suggestions, etc, please feel free!  Thanks again!

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