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Cloth Pads For Sale!

The Alternative To Disposables!

Cloth Pads For Sale
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The Rules

No spamming. I cannot emphasize this enough! Do not post links to other communities on this one if they have NOTHING to do with cloth pads.

Do not email, IM or comment in a moderator’s personal journal. If you have a question, comment or complaint, use contact_cp4s. clothpads4sale is NOT the place to work out your problems; the aforementioned are not a place to work issues out either. If you do, you will get one warning to submit a proper complaint to contact_cp4s. If you do not cooperate, we will ban you. As moderators, we are trying our best to keep drama to a minimum. Please cooperate.

Once you have read the rules, please read the welcome post and comment by stating your first name, age and a sentence with the word “water” in it to know that you have read the rules and will abide by them. This word might change, so please keep track of it.

The moderators do not control money, shipping, or know the integrity of the seller or buyer. Sell or buy at your own risk. The moderators will make a list of dishonest sellers and buyers that will be banned upon discovery. We need you as a member to report them to contact_cp4s!

We encourage you to use PayPal since it is a secure method of payment. Personal checks might bounce; sending cash is always a risk. Few sellers have stores and a credit card processor. Consider PayPal since it offers protection! =D

No personal information is allowed on this community. That includes full names, addresses, phone numbers, IM, or physical self-description. Please trade email addresses for obtaining names and addresses for deliveries. Please remember that this is a public community and any lurkers can get your information!

For questions on how to use cloth pads or how to clean them, etc. Please post to cloth_pads. For information on how to make your own, please post to diy_pads. Please remember that your question might have been asked by someone previously! cloth_pads and diy_pads are moderate to high traffic communities. Please check their memories. The same goes for questions posted in contact_cp4s.

Sellers: If you have an ebay store that you would like to put in our “Affiliates” section, please email mormon_princess@livejournal.com to be added. DO NOT post a link to your store (ebay or online store) in a post. It is against LiveJournal rules! You will get ONE warning to remove it. If you have not removed it within 3 days, your entry will be deleted by a moderator. If we catch you again, you will have your posting privileges removed.

Please state you preferred method of payment in your post. Pick one or more of the following: cash, personal check, money order, cashier’s check, credit card or PayPal.

Please state all cloth used in your pads as well as levels of absorbency and length/width. Please state if the cloth is pre-washed/pre-shrunk.

When the transaction is done and sold, please edit your post to SOLD or __#__ left so that the buyers can avoid looking though a closed transaction. Do not post a separate entry on SOLD OUT pads or thanking people for buying. Simply edit the post with the pads! Entries are solely for selling purposes or moderator posts.

Custom made pads offers must be made on a separate post. Please state the fabric choices along with pictures (under an LJ-cut) and estimated delivery. Please state the number of custom requests that you will take.

You are not allowed to sell anything except cloth pads or cloth. Nothing else. Please look at forsale if you would like to sell anything else.

Buyers: Please remember that the SELLER decides the method of payment. They may choose to trade, or sell and take cash, personal check, money order, cashier’s check, credit card or PayPal. Please make arrangements prior to committing to buy!

Custom requests will be separate posts done by the seller. She will post a number as to the number of requests that she will take. =)

If a seller has a set price, do not ask to trade unless it has been posted “willing to sell or trade”. She would like to make some money if there is a set price on it! Please do not put a seller in that position!

Feedback Guidelines

clothpads4sale will employ a feedback system somewhat similar to ebay. Buyers will rate transactions as positive, negative, or neutral. This will be done through lj-poll and in comments of a maintainer-created post. Each seller will have a designated feedback entry that will be used for all transaction feedback, regardless of date.

Feedback will be public. Buyers may vote once per transaction done with the seller. Transaction details should be provided in lj comments on the poll-post. Comments should be titled simply "positive," "negative," or "neutral." Details can be provided in the body of the comment. Please be honest but also be respectful. Ebay allows snarky remarks but we do not. Sellers will be allowed to respond to feedback if neutral or negative and given a chance to resolve complaints. Sellers and buyers are encouraged to communicate over email to reach a compromise. Sellers must notify community maintainers when negotiating negative or neutral feedback cases by emailing cp4sfeedback@gmail.com. Feedback will be maintainer updated until conflicts are resolved.

Seller feedback will be collected in seller-oriented feedback entries. These entries will be sorted by tags for easy access. Each seller will have only one feedback entry. All feedback for all transactions for that seller will be posted on that entry. Total feedback will be listed in the body of the entry and updated according. An example of total feedback follows. This is not true feedback. exampleusername is a standard LJ example user.

positive: 3
negative: 0
neutral: 1

Seller tags will look like this: "seller feedback posts: exampleusername"
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