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Moonhut's MoonEaze (tm) ultra-thin pads ("2nds")

Hey all! I just got done sewing up a bunch of pads for my inventory and some of them came out less than perfect, so I thought I would sell them here as '2nds" with a knock off price. They are all VERY usable and brand new... they just don’t look perfect do to a flaw when sewn. (In most cases one of the wings is slightly mis-matched/etc.) I thought this would be a great way for those of you who are on a budget and have been looking at my pads to be able to give them a try. I’m posting them here first to give you first dibs. :)

To find out more about my cloth pads please visit my shop! There you will find out about the construction and materials used in my pads. All fabric was pre-washed before I cut into it so that you dont have to worry about surprise shrinkage. If you have any questions you may ask them here... I would be happy to answer them!

What I have available:
2 - Pink Smiley Daisy's w/off-white (SOLD OUT)
7 - Dot's n' Strip's (SOLD OUT)
6 - Purple Flowers w/light purple (SOLD OUT)
6 - Black Flowers w/purple (SOLD OUT)
*First come, first served!

They retail for $8 on my shop, but for my 2nds I sell each for 1/2 off --- $4/each!

I usually ship USPS priority ($4.05) on my shop, but if you would like a cheaper shipping rate then I will work with you on that. I would need to weigh your individual package and then get back to you on how much the shipping would be. I’m equally open to shipping internationally, but the shipping charges will be more expensive, obviously.

I prefer paypal payments (sent to webpay@moonhutnaturals.com), but would also accept checks if sent promptly. I will hold off of shipping until payment (including shipping) is received (and in the case of checks - cleared).

If your seriously interested, comment with # of pads desired, prefer color(s), how you intend to pay, what method of shipping you want, and your email address so I can contact you for your address/etc. If you pay via paypal - be sure to also note this in the notes (or at least tell me your LJ username) along with your shipping address to help me keep things straight on what goes to who. If you wish to pay by check then Ill get your address from you via email.

I appreciate your business!!!

P.S. I was also thinking about putting up a "try em' all" tester kit with all the major pad brands I carry. Is there any intrest in that - or are we wanting to keep this community for the selling of members own handiwork only? Please, let me know and if there is any interest Ill put that up on here too ASAP. :) Thanks a bunch!

UPDATE: All 2nd's are officially sold out - sorry if you missed out! I will post more in the future... they seemed to be a huge hit! :) Thank you to everyone who are purchasing them! *See coments below for info about "try em' all" tester kits if interested (still available!) - THANKS!!!
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