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Maintainer Post: Feedback on Transactions

It has been decided that clothpads4sale will employ a feedback system somewhat similar to ebay. Buyers will rate transactions as positive, negative, or neutral. This will be done through lj-poll and in comments of a maintainer-created post. Each seller will have a designated feedback entry that will be used for all transaction feedback, regardless of date.

Feedback will be public. Buyers may vote once per transaction done with the seller. Transaction details should be provided in lj comments on the poll-post. Comments should be titled simply "positive," "negative," or "neutral." Details can be provided in the body of the comment. Please be honest but also be respectful. Ebay allows snarky remarks but we do not. Sellers will be allowed to respond to feedback if neutral or negative and given a chance to resolve complaints. Sellers and buyers are encouraged to communicate over email to reach a compromise. Sellers must notify community maintainers when negotiating negative or neutral feedback cases by emailing Feedback will be maintainer updated until conflicts are resolved.

Seller feedback will be collected in seller-oriented feedback entries. These entries will be sorted by tags for easy access. Each seller will have only one feedback entry. All feedback for all transactions for that seller will be posted on that entry. Total feedback will be visible through poll rates and in comments.

Seller tags will look like this: "seller feedback posts: exampleusername"

Sellers are encouraged to keep records of unsatisfactory transactions to reference during future sales. Sellers may complain to community maintainers regarding uncooperative or non-payer buyers after sufficient independent attempts to resolve and finish a transaction. Each complaint counts as one strike. Buyers will be notified of each strike through email. Three strikes will result in suspension of buying or selling priveleges in the community.

Buyers may also lodge complaints about sellers through email. These complaints will only be accepted in cases of item non-receipt when a seller has not attempted to resolve a transaction problem. All other seller complaints should be included when leaving negative or neutral feedback. Once there are three complaints against a seller, her community selling privileges will be suspended.

We do not expect any of this bad stuff to happen. We hope that it does not. However, we've created measures just in case it does happen.

Questions or Comments?
Tags: feedback, information, maintainer, rules
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